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ECS and Pre-Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten at Thorsby Elementary School

Children may begin kindergarten in a school within the Division in September if they are five years of age before December 31, 2021.

Pre-Kindergarten Program is available at Thorsby Elementary School

Pre-kindergarten programs are for children who are eligible for: Program Unit Funding, Mild/Moderate funding and English as a Second Language funding.

Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency, Alberta Health Care Card, and Legal Land Description (rural students only) are required at the time of registration.

For more information on individual schools and 2021 attendance boundaries, visit our website at

If you believe your child may qualify for PreK, contact


Registration Forms

Black Gold Registration Forms


Kindergarten Friday Schedule

2021-2022 Friday Schedule

NO School for ECS on Early Dismissal Days

Tuesday/Thursday Class- Last day of school is June 24, 2022

Monday/Wednesday Class- Last day of school is June 27, 2022.





“Lifelong learning starts the moment we are born. The first six years of our lives are a time of unparalleled discovery. We learn about ourselves and the world around us. Our personalities take shape and we begin to lay the foundation of knowledge that will support us as we enter the education system”. [Alberta Education]


At Thorsby Elementary School, our dedicated and Certified Teacher delivers a rich and engaging learning environment for all children. The goal of our programming is to provide children with an environment in which they work on independence and social skills to take with them into kindergarten and beyond. Our focus is helping children to develop a lifelong love of  learning and we do this through a variety of educational themes in our play-based program.



Our Pre-K program runs from September to June following the Black Gold School Calendar.


Classes Offered:

Classes operate Mon – Thurs. 4 days a week for all funded children.
Occasional Friday FOPS (Family Oriented Programming Sessions) are also offered for the funded children.  about 18 sessions throughout the year.  The sessions may be in Thorsby, Calmar or Devon.

On Fridays we have Pre-K meetings or we facilitate home, school and district Family Orientated Programming Sessions (FOPS) with our Program Unit Funded (P.U.F.) students and their families.

Each class has the same hours by the end of the year regardless of the which time your child attends.

All students will be directed to attend their designated school.

View the Fees & Payment Page for information regarding payment. (


We welcome children with mild to moderate developmental delays whom would benefit from the collaboration of services to address their developmental needs. M/M students attend 4 half-days per week (either AM or PM) and must be turning 4 by January 1 that school year.

**May only attend a Black Gold Pre-K program as a M/M student for one year.

Yearly Fee: More information to come. 

All students will be directed to attend their designated school.


We welcome children with special needs and/or severe developmental delays whom would benefit from the collaboration of services to address their developmental needs. Program Unit Funded Students (P.U.F.) attend 4 half-days per week (PM) as well as Family Oriented Programming Sessions (FOPS) on some Fridays. Services that may be provided in the classroom through consultations with the teacher and the child’s family are: Speech & Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Behavioural Intervention Support. P.U.F. students may attend our programs as young as 2 ½ to age 6 for 1-2 years.

Children do not need to be toilet-trained.

All students will be directed to attend their designated school.


An important part of our Pre-Kindergarten program involves providing the children with a daily nutritious snack.  The snack often fits with the classroom themes.  Snack time provides an excellent opportunity to practice language and socialization skills, as well as eating skills.  Children are encouraged to participate in the preparation and the eating of the snack.

Daily activities may include:


*Fine-Motor Activities


*Circle Time




*Bathroom Breaks


* Daily P.E. or Movement Activities


*Learning Common Visits


*Snack Time


* Play Time


* Song/Group Games


*Outside Play


As a play-based program we believe children learn best by exploration and participation in the world around them. Our program in immersed with Fine and Gross Motor Activities, Early Literacy Skills, Art Activities, Stories, Songs, Dance, and more. Throughout the year we also have special fun days, theme days and party days.




Please call the office to find out when registrations will open.  We will prioritize placing students based on their needs over class preferences.


View the Registration Page for Pre-K Registration Papers (



If your child has special needs, is an English Second Language Learner (ESL), has other special circumstances, or you have concerns about their development and you believe your child may qualify for PreK, contact Rebecca Aiken


To arrange a speech assessment, call:

Alberta Health Services Speech Language Central Access at 780-408-8793


They will take information, and possibly send out forms for you to fill out and return.  


You will be offered the next available appointment.  This may be at the Health Centre in north Edmonton.  If you prefer Thorsby or Leduc, please inform them.  However, you may have to wait longer for an appointment closer to home.




In the Spring we have a Parent Info Night that you will be invited to attend where you will receive further information and meet the current teacher. We will also invite your child to a Visitation Day where we will get to know them quickly before placing them into a class. At this time, if we have any concerns about your child’s development we will contact you to discuss them.


We have this Visitation Day to ensure that all classes are balanced according to: various abilities of the children, special needs, gender, behaviour and more. This is by no means an ‘audition’; we are an inclusive program and welcome every child that attends.


Contact our School Office or Pre-K Teacher with any questions you may have.