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Student Groups

Student Groups

Thorsby Elementary offers a variety of different student groups for students to participate in. Such as:

Junior ATB is an exciting program that offers students the opportunity to learn real money management skills within the walls of their school. Students will gain valuable work experience while improving their math and public speaking capabilities. By working together, students will also learn the value of teamwork, while enjoying the rewards of running their own business.

Students participating in the program will share certain responsibilities. Students will handle all branch operations, including setting up accounts and depositing money into personal ATB student savings accounts.  After deposits are completed at the school, funds are taken to the local ATB branch and deposited into each individual’s account. Students will receive monthly statements at homes so they can watch their savings grow. Various roles and responsibilities are offered within the Junior ATB Program. This allows students to gain real-life work experience and other important practical life skills.

Students interested in becoming Junior ATB employees must submit a “formal” application and interview with both a teacher sponsor and ATB Branch Representative.  This helps ensure the success of the program, and also introduces students to the employment process.  Deposit Day staff and Board of Directors will work together to create an efficient branch for their fellow students, while learning the fundamentals of teamwork.  The Board of Directors will also be responsible for increasing student participation in the program through the creation of various marketing campaigns, promotions, assemblies, and other student initiatives, plus oversee all incoming grant requests at monthly board meetings.  To fund this initiative, ATB Financial will provide the board with an operating budget.  Half will be allocated for marketing expenses, and the half will be available for grants toward the betterment of the school.  With a real business to call their own, students will experience a true sense of accomplishment from their hard work and participation.  By giving them responsibilities, students will learn the value of good financial management and be equipped with the proper tools and knowledge needed for a financially successful future.

Banking Days:

First Recess  10:17 am, Every Tuesday