Black Gold School Division
Thorsby Elementary School

Meet our 2021 Edwin Parr Teacher Award Nominee!

Black Gold School Division is pleased to congratulate kindergarten teacher Kate Myszkowski from Thorsby Elementary School (and previously at Distance Learning) as our 2021 Edwin Parr Teacher Award nominee. Kate will be representing the Division at the zone level.

“Even though she is a new teacher, Kate quickly established a safe, caring, and inclusive environment,” said Distance Learning Principal Denise Harrison, who nominated Kate for the award. “Her purposeful student engagement permitted her to gain a better level of understanding of individual students in relation to personalities, specific learning needs, and instructional preferences. Her caring and empathetic personality endeared her to several students needing that extra level of genuine support and individual contact.”

Kate is excellent at working with students who need a little extra support, and with those who sometimes need a lot more. “She intuitively swoops in to check on her kids and to find out how she can help get them smiling and laughing and joining along with the rest of the class,” said Thorsby Elementary School Principal Raylene Jubinville. “We truly believe this is because of her genuine voice, and the students knowing she genuinely cares about them.”

Kate is quick to build productive working relationships with colleagues and support staff. She fosters effective collaboration within her grade level cohort, and generously shares information and resources with colleagues as she develops her own resources and lessons. Her interactions with school administration and parents are always sincere and professional.

“It is truly an honour to be nominated for this award,” said Kate Myszkowski. “As I begin my career as an educator, I will continue to acknowledge that a classroom and the learning that takes place within is an act of creation. A classroom is a system of relationships. I believe teachers and students co-­create this learning environment together and in order to do so effectively, a strong and positive relationship must exist.”

Kate is committed to developing strong relationships with the students in her school communities by demonstrating genuine care for students in the class and upholding her deeply-held values of honesty, integrity, trust, and honouring diversity.

“I believe that through collaboration with other professionals and cultural advisors, and most importantly in keeping an open mind, I will be able to foster intercultural understanding and respect for cultural diversity in my classrooms,” said Kate.

“On behalf of the Board, I congratulate Ms. Myszkowski as our nominee for the Edwin Parr Teacher Award,” said Board Chair Devonna Klaassen. “Her passion for both teaching and building strong connections reflects the Division’s values and commitment to inspiring success. We could not be more fortunate to have her, along with so many other great teachers in our Black Gold family.”

“Regardless of the medium, Kate is able to inspire success in her students while overcoming daunting challenges in her different assignments this year,” said Superintendent of Schools Bill Romanchuk. “Kate has shown that she has the heart and soul of an educator. Our students are in good hands for many years to come.”